The undersigned, by signing this agreement, accepts full responsibility and liability for him/herself while utilizing the Northland MX Practice Facility herein referred to as the “Facility”. This includes the tracks as well as the grounds around and including the tracks which consists of the parking areas, spectator areas and the office/restroom facility. This waiver is good for one season. A season is defined as the calendar year in which the waiver is signed, i.e. the year 2024. The undersigned acknowledges that the Facility is designed for practicing motocross. Motocross riding and racing is a sport with an inherent risk of injury and or death and the undersigned acknowledges this and accepts full responsibility for themselves in this regard. The undersigned covenants to hold harmless and not to sue or bring legal proceedings against Northland MX, its’ owners, sponsors, employees, heirs and assigns as a result of any injury, personal property damage or death incurred while at and/or using the Facility. By signing this agreement you acknowledge that you have inspected the Facility and are aware of the complete course layout and have determined of your own free will that you have the skills necessary to ride on said Facility. You also acknowledge that you have determined that any hazards present in other areas of the facility are known to you and all persons under your care or guidance. In the event that you bring legal proceeding against the Facility, its’ owners, sponsors, employees, heirs and assigns you agree to pay for all such legal expenses as incurred by the parties afore mentioned that arise or are a
consequence of said legal proceeding.

This waiver is the primary waiver document for the current use season. It will need to be resigned on an annual basis. I understand that this document will be kept on file for the entire season. Upon each day of riding at the Facility, a signature sheet will be signed acknowledging that the rider(s) have completed and continue to agree to this primary waiver document.

I have read the above waiver and understand and agree to all conditions set forth within it.

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